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Pixeldust Studios Animates Remarkable Journey By NASA’s “New Horizons” Spacecraft, Featured In New Documentary Film “The Year of Pluto”

For “The Year of Pluto,” Pixeldust Studios had to render more than 10,000 frames for the entire Kuiper Belt sequence, which ran nearly 6-minutes long. The company deployed its robust render farm for this monumental task which was  comprised of 70-80 render nodes running Intel i-7 processors with 12-16 GB of RAM. Renderer used was […]

Do you have a Curious Mind?

  Pixeldust Studios is pleased to be part of today’s launch of CuriosityStream, a new SVOD service focused on high-quality, educational programming created by Discovery Channel Founder John Hendricks.  Our original 15-episode series, A Curious World, seeks to answer some of life’s most compelling questions: Why do we dream? What’s the universe made of? and Can we ever […]

Pixeldust Studios receives a 2014 CINE Golden Eagle Award

  Pixeldust Studios receives a 2014 CINE Golden Eagle Award for the open of Natgeo’s series “All Access 360: World’s Heritage” , produced by Infocus Asia.  featuring an exclusive tour behind the scenes of select UNESCO World Heritage sites. As the earth animates and rotates, famous monuments and sites are revealed with a vibrant, high […]

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