Samar Shool

Head of Unity Development

Samar Shool



As CG Supervisor and head of Unity development, Samar is responsible for managing the team on a project-to-project basis.  He is highly competent in an array 3D animation and compositing software such as Maya, Vue, Nuke, AFX ,Mental Ray, Arnold and Renderman

Samar supervises all the visual aspects of CGI on individual productions and guides the 3D team on the integration and implementation on all shots. Samar served as team leader on National Geographic’s five part series Alien Deep with Bob Ballard, where one of the episodes was 3D stereo.

In addition to his numerous Telly Awards and 5 Emmy Nominations,  in 2016 Samar won an Emmy Award for the PBS show “National Mall: America’s Front Yard”.  

Having completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture and Interior Design in 2000, love for animation and art gradually steered his career into this field. During architecture Samar found his domain of interest in 3d visualization and design and working with architects and interior designers in 2000-2002 he slowly discovered this field doing 3d walkthroughs of houses and interior spaces. Then onwards he pursued his Master of Fine Arts in Animation (MFA-Anim) from prestigious Academy of Art University, San Francisco, graduating in April 2006. In summer of 2005, he landed an internship as a 3d animator with National Geographic Magazine in Wash DC, working on “Sea Monsters” which connected him to a job at Nat Geo Television animation dept. in following summer 2006. Here at NGTV, he met Ricardo Andrade, then director of the animation dept. and current president of Pixeldust Studios, with whom he has worked for more than 8 years now producing animations for the most popular documentary TV Networks.