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how can animation benefit my business?

Nearly 30 years since Bill Gates published his essay “Content is King”, companies still follow that motto when developing marketing strategies that attract today’s tech savvy audience. Animation has expanded outside of the film and entertainment industry, and this type of media can bring new life to a company.

As studies have shown, incorporating graphics and videos on web pages can drastically improve search rankings. Not only will multimedia bring more traffic to your website and boost visibility, the combination of visuals and text will provide audiences with a more aesthetically pleasing user experience. By incorporating animation and video marketing into your platforms, you will also have access to a wide variety of metrics such as how many people are watching your videos and the average watch time.

Visual storytelling is a great way to explain complex and abstract concepts to wider audiences, or to tell stories that demonstrate the values of a company. In situations where the message an enterprise is trying to portray may be difficult to shoot and capture on camera and compile into a video, a 2D or 3D animated video could be incredibly useful. This form of transmedia storytelling allows companies to market and advertise across many platforms while staying consistent with their overall message and branding.

Product visualizations and modeling are forms of 3D animation that can help businesses stand out among competition. 3D animation is great for companies who are still in the conceptual stage of a project. It is also beneficial for those who do not want to be limited by the constraints of shooting live footage. 3D animation is effective at describing concepts that are not visible to the naked eye, such as microscopic processes within the human body. For companies looking to win a contract or find investors, a great animation could be the difference between winning and losing a bid.

Historical recreations could also be animated, and often allow for more creative freedom than live-action video production. When the endeavor is focused on sciences like paleontology or geology, the need for a 3D animation becomes more apparent. Production companies do not have the option of going out and filming video of dinosaurs. 

Which is why in these types of scenarios 3D animated recreations become essential. While the use of animation has expanded to multiple industries, it is still a core piece of entertainment. Think of the last movie or television show you watched, chances are it involved some sort of animation. Opening credits, a main title, or even a map require the expertise in the area of design, illustration, and animation.

In essence, if a project requires an explanation of hard-to-grasp ideas or to communicate a set of values, then it will can benefit from animation and visual storytelling. All you need to start is a general idea for your animation, and the right studio will bring it to life!