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Lights, camera, action: an inside look at a video production shoot

Video production shoots are exciting and dynamic events that require careful planning, coordination, and execution. As a creative studio, we know this all too well. Come along with us today as we share with you what goes on behind the scenes of a video production shoot.  
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During the pre-production stage, the team plans and prepares for the shoot. This involves a lot of brainstorming, mood boards, discussing ideas, and deciding on a concept for the video. Once the concept is determined, a script is written, which outlines the dialogue and action that will take place in the video. At this stage, the team will also choose a location for the shoot, whether a studio or an outdoor setting. They will scout the location to determine the needed equipment, such as camera, lenses, lighting, sound, and dolly or crane gear. If props, costumes, or makeup are required, they will be sourced and prepared before the shoot day.
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production day

On the shoot day, the crew arrives early to set up the equipment and make necessary adjustments. This can take several hours, depending on the complexity of the shoot. The Director of photography and the assistant camera will set up their equipment and adjust the lighting to achieve the desired illumination effects, look and feel for the footage. The sound technicians will set up their equipment and run tests to ensure the audio is clear. The team makes sure everything works as planned. Once everything is set up, the talent will arrive. This is also when the director and camera crew will review the shooting schedule and shot list to ensure everyone is on the same page. During the shoot, the camera crew will capture footage needed for the video, following the shot list and ensuring they get multiple takes of each shot. The director will guide the talent and ask for adjustments as necessary to ensure that the video looks and feels the way it was intended.  



After the shoot, the editor will begin working on the footage. They will sort through the footage and choose the best takes for each shot. They will then begin editing the video together. Once the rough cut is complete, the Executive Producer and Producer will review the video and give feedback multiple times. It’s an iterative process that requires multiple passes. After completing the visual story, the composer will create the sound design and music. Animators will create the necessary visual effects. Color grading is also done as a final step in the post-production stage, which involves adjusting the colors and tones of the video to achieve a specific look and feel. This can help enhance the video’s mood and make it more visually appealing.
After the editor, composer, animators, and colorist have made all the required improvements, the Editor will export the final video. The final video will then be delivered to the client for their use.


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Bottom line

Behind the scenes of a video production shoot, a lot of work goes into ensuring everything runs smoothly. Every step of the way, from pre-production to the actual shoot day and post-production, requires careful planning and coordination. When seeking a company to fulfill video needs, make sure you choose a seasoned team that is organized and has plenty of examples of the creative approach you seek.