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Pixeldust nominated for 65th emmy awards

Pixeldust Studios has been nominated for an Emmy award in the Graphic Arts category.

Bethesda, MD – May 28, 2023

Our team is thrilled to announce that Pixeldust has received a nomination for the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter 65th EMMY® AWARDS. Our nominated piece, “The Union Difference” for AFSCME, has been recognized for its exceptional storytelling and captivating visuals. In celebration, let’s take a closer look at the creation of this remarkable video and our journey to the Emmy nomination.

Pixeldust was entrusted with bringing the union’s history to life through animation. We wanted to engage and entertain the audience while showcasing the authoritative voice of AFSCME’s President, Lee Saunders. Our team conceived a concept that blended an abstract space with archival photography of significant past events, creating an elegant composite of the subject.

The process began with meticulous planning and storyboarding to outline the scenes. Lee Saunders was then filmed in a green screen environment, allowing us to seamlessly interchange the scenery around him. This technique helped him stand out while surrounded by the largely colorless photographs. Our talented designer treated the historical documents and photographs with a pen stroke filter, infusing a unique artistic touch.



Next, our animators embarked on the task of compositing the union president into the scenes, blending him seamlessly with the historical imagery. We sought to create a seamless transition through time, taking the viewers on an immersive journey. Through meticulous attention to detail and creative transitions, we ensured that the video captivated the audience and effectively conveyed AFSCME’s rich heritage.

The nomination for the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter 65th EMMY® AWARDS is an absolute honor for our team. It recognizes the dedication, talent, and creativity that went into producing this piece. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to AFSCME for entrusting us with their story and to our talented team at Pixeldust who brought the vision to life.