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The Importance of Storytelling in Any Production

Storytelling and video marketing

This photograph of a polar bear stranded on ice tells the story of global warming.


Despite all the scientific evidence, it can be difficult to feel the urgency of global warming when you don’t experience the effects in your day-to-day life. But when you see a photograph of a polar bear stranded on a piece of ice, the reality of the story sets in.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. They transport audiences to the center of the story where the bear’s habitat is slowly melting away.  Visuals allow an audience to envision the narrative, giving them the “who, what, when, where, and why” much clearer than with text alone. That is the power of visual storytelling.


 We live in a world where people scroll through endless feeds of information each day, it is no longer enough for a brand or businesses to simply state their purpose and values. Businesses need to be creative to stand out against their competitors, and need something eye catching and memorable that will engage their audience. A strong video marketing strategy with a unified narrative can give your business that extra edge.

Storytelling marketing for video


To stay consistent with a message while engaging an audience, one should tell a story that answers questions about the company. Why does the business exist? Why is it important? What does it provide its customer base? These are just some of the questions that can be answered through the use of good storytelling. Frequently referred to as storytelling marketing, corporate storytelling, or brand storytelling, it is ultimately compelling and engaging content.

Consider this 2015 video from Airbnb, where their goal was to use data to show how their company had grown over the previous five years. Rather than simply posting a list of their data points, Airbnb created an animated video that effectively combined visuals, text, and music to tell their story. 

There’s also this promo video from the dating app Hinge, which incorporates humor and pop culture references in a 3D animation that demonstrates their brand’s message in a creative way. 

Their “Dating Apocalypse” video tells a story of how in a world where dating can be scary and feel too much like a game, their service offers users an experience that is focused on genuine connections.

Not only is visual storytelling a great way to demonstrate a brand’s purpose or achievements, it is also a great way to explain highly technical fields of study. Certain difficult concepts within economics, astronomy, or medical fields are often easier to understand when paired with visuals. 

Below you can see how 3D animation can be used to tell the story of macular degeneration ranging from the causes, symptoms, and treatments. 


The first thing to consider when beginning your visual storytelling endeavor is the purpose. What exact message are you trying to get across to your audience? Without a clear sense of direction, the project can quickly lose focus and ultimately lose the attention of your audience. The goal is to create something consistent and to the point. 

Maybe you want a video that explains how your new product is game changing, or maybe you want to show your customers how your business is taking action against global warming. The possibilities are endless, but strong visual storytelling is a great tool for creating content that is both compelling and effectively engages with today’s consumers.