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What Can Drones Do for Your Business?

As we move towards a more tech-centered world, more and more professionals have been investing in drones. Business sectors such as e-commerce, real estate, and technology have benefited the most from the developments of drone services. It has also led to greater creativity in the entertainment industry — taking aerial photography and videography to new heights and paving the way for innovative ideas that would not have been possible just a few years ago. And while the AUVSI predicted that the drone industry will have created more than 100,000 jobs by 2025, what we’ve seen is only a glimpse of what’s in store for the future of drones.

There are plenty of drone cameras being released each year, from entry-level to professional-grade models. For instance, DJI has produced quality drones like their Mavic and Inspire series, which are great for amateur and professional users, respectively. Brands like Sony and Parrot have also been working to expand their drone range to cater to all purposes. So, why not capitalize on the different features today’s drones can offer to give your business an edge?

Avenue for Original Ideas

Unlike traditional advertising methods that can become a little stagnant after a while, drones can make way for fresh, innovative advertising ideas. Luxury car brand Hyundai Genesis for instance launched a record-breaking drone show in Shanghai to celebrate the brand’s arrival in China. The 3,281 drones set a Guinness World Record for “The Most UAVs airborne simultaneously”. Another instance example is Brazilian retailer Camisaria Colombo, who promoted their Black Friday sales by flying “dronequins” donning their latest looks out in a busy business district. After all, flashy marketing is a surefire way to go viral and gain traction, setting you apart from other businesses.

Dynamic Storytelling

The most popular use for commercial drones is their high-tech photography and film capabilities. Drones are capable of capturing overhead, swooping, curated shots. What used to be impossible for independent filmmakers is made easy by even more affordable drones on the market. Without having to pay for Hollywood-level film equipment and a full production budget, businesses can now capture new angles when they are filming their products and services. 

Brands can even tap up influencers to capture footage for them, providing opportunities for both parties to collaborate and share in the creative process. For example, Panasonic and Aerial Concepts Inc. teamed up with filmmaker Devin Graham to shoot his adrenaline-inducing Rope Swing Zipline video. And with the online sphere becoming more competitive across the world, quality video production and content creation is something businesses should prioritize. Even the recently popularized short-form videos can become more engaging and memorable through the use of drone footage.


Covering Special Events

As the world slowly returns to normal, the hopes are that the events industry will return with a bang, and we can finally start planning for the weddings, festivals, and sports events that have been postponed for so long. Drone footage can provide more immersive experiences for viewers. From filming the venue before the event, sharing images from the guests, and providing live event coverage, drones can do it all. Investing in drones can also boost your marketing strategies too as you’ll have access to more engaging footage for future years to come.

The Verdict

The drone market is growing exponentially year-on-year, and soon enough other industries will be part of this growing trend, too. Utilizing drone technology for its storytelling, live coverage, and marketing capabilities will help take your marketing to the next level, and make your business look like it’s on another level aesthetically compared to your competitors. So what are you waiting for?

Written by Jordyn Camden | For pixeldust.tv