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At Pixeldust, animation is our specialty. Whether it be 3D animation or 2D animation, our world-class team of animation professionals with over a century of experience, will create content that resonates with your target audience while adding value to your company and brand. Our Emmy award-winning animation studio is well equipped to give every project the highest quality production value available. As a leading motion graphics studio, we provide the magic that will differentiate your animated videos and take them to the next level. We transform your ideas into stories, and bring them to life, turning them into unforgettable unique experiences


Anyone can shoot a video but few can create outstanding entertainment that brings value. Since 2007, Pixeldust has delivered exceptional storytelling, creative technology and ingenuity to the world’s most celebrated brands. We have worked alongside the biggest networks to create amazing live-action productions, award-winning documentaries, content for non-profit organizations, medical videos and more. Along the way, we have won 13 Emmy Awards. Through our creative process, we remain well equipped to give every project the hard work and attention necessary to bring it to fruition, one pixel at a time.


Our development lab offers a full cycle of website development, game design and mobile UI & UX design. We love to create impactful digital experiences with best practices in user experience and visual design. Our small team approach optimizes for lean budgets, transparency, and expertise. We strongly believe that immersive, entertaining, interactive multimedia has the power to build social solidarity, to bring people closer together while adding joy to the world. We’ve worked with some of the biggest museums and wildlife parks to create unique and unforgettable immersive experiences for all ages.


We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to energize public environments. We’re passionate about what we do because it gives us unparalleled opportunities to bring people together, create connections, and set the stage to create unforgettable memories. Whether it be location based experiences in urban parks, to museums, wildlife parks and beyond we are always thrilled to have the chance to breathe fresh energy into spaces, drawing new audiences, and putting big smiles on people’s faces. We work with our clients to help put places on the map – generating exciting projects that attract worldwide media attention, while benefiting urban communities.