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storytelling in production

When one thinks of global warming, it tends to feel like an abstract threat is coming to get us. Even with all the evidence it is hard to feel the urgency of the matter. But when one shows an image, whether it is real-life or an animation, of a polar bear stranded in a piece of ice (like the one above), we all feel the reality of the situation hit us. An endearing-looking animal losing its habitat and going through a lot of hardships. That is the power of storytelling. Content creation has never been easier. There are a high number of platforms that allow it with just subscribing to it. Multimedia content is increasingly accessible with just the ownership of a smartphone (or the access to one). So in a world where users have access to all sorts of content at any time —and at the palm of their hands—, a statement of what the brand is and what its values are is not enough. Brands, businesses, and organizations really have to have a content strategy, that has at its core a unitary narrative. Storytelling, basically.
polar bear
It is such an important activity, that today one can hear people talk about storytelling marketing, corporate storytelling, and brand storytelling, which are more or less the same in terms of what needs to be done. But it is used in various parts of an organization, which emphasizes the importance it has acquired and its usefulness. Why does a business exist? What is it inspired by? Why is it important? What does it bring to its customers life? These are just some of the questions that good storytelling aims to answer, in the form of compelling and engaging content. Storytelling in the age of Internet is a convenient way of letting users find your business (search engines and social media are powered by content, basically), while getting that initial approval of who you are, and the required attention to explain what it is that you do. It is also a great way to explain highly technical fields of study. Economics or astronomy are better explained when there is some sort of narrative that puts everything together. Marketing teams should always take into consideration what the storytelling situation is at any given time. People tell stories to create a sense of community and belonging. That is a powerful asset to have as a brand. People being connected through one’s brand or business is a great achievement. Storytelling also has the great benefit of allowing one to keep the messaging simple and allows for easier associations between a corporation or brand to a concept or value that is deemed desirable.