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Pixeldust has worked with companies and agencies producing 3D animation to showcase all types of products for manufacturing visualization, promos, television shows, and TV commercials.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Art Director, Design: Manuel Messerli
Animator: Manuel Messerli, Jason Starbird-Tierney
Producer: Elizabeth Andrade, Emily Vitek
Editor: Mark Andrade


Pixeldust’s robust 3D modeling and animation pipeline can deliver stylized or hyper-realistic animation to satisfy any type of needs, achieving seamless live-action integration and product insertion on any existing footage.

The team works with a state of the art and lightning-fast rendering pipeline for real-time rendering, including real-time shading, lighting, and compositing. Pixeldust also provides traditional render farm solutions using a large render farm equipped with Arnold, Renderman, and Mentalray. With a high degree of photoreal complexity in record times, all shots are accomplished from start to finish under one roof.