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Haymaker TV invited Pixeldust to design a show package for their brand-new tv show on Disney+. The team started with concepts for logos based on the working title “Lie Spy” and later adapted designs to the show’s final title, “The Big Fib.” 

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Art Director, Design: Manuel Messerli
Animation: Manuel Messerli, Jesse Meza, Jason Starbird-Tierney
Producers: Elizabeth Andrade, Emily Vitek


The Big Fib is based on the hilarious podcast “Pants On Fire”, a show about two grown-ups who claim to be experts, but one of them is lying. Kids have to use their critical thinking skills, powers of observation, and their gut instincts to determine who’s telling “the big fib”. The show features fascinating facts, tricky fibs, a bold child, and an all-knowing goofy robot. The executives at Disney+ were interested in a design-firm capable of producing a fun and engaging graphics package that appeals to viewers of all ages.


After the producers of The Big Fib briefed Pixeldust, the team began work in earnest. The team conducted extensive research to come up with a wide range of possible ideas and styles. Several story-lines for the opening sequence were conceptualized. Multiple logos and style frames that ranged from the juvenile to cool, were presented to the client. After a narrowing of vision based on these designs, the client chose these “Wes Anderson-inspired” designs.


Even though “lying” is pervasive in today’s “fake news” world, the amusing show demonstrates just how easy it is to tell half-truths. To convey the premise of the show, Pixeldust wanted to approach this project from a positive angle and pitched a fun and optimistic message.

How can kids learn to spot someone that isn’t who they appear to be? What are the tells of a liar? With those questions in mind, the team started working on a range of different fonts, illustrations and iconography that best suited the subject.

Pixeldust and the client decided to go with a logo that was built out of the elements of the story, one that worked as well in both animation and still-images, given that there was a large marketing campaign behind the show.

The logos shown here are a selection of the numerous designs.

Motion graphics
Motion design
Logo development
TV broadcast design
Show opening design


The final look of the show evokes the feeling of an encyclopedia of knowledge – yet a slightly twisted one. Look at the cute piggy! But why is it flying?

An astronaut is standing on the moon. Oh wait, he’s standing on a brain? A T-Rex stomping in high heels? Not all is always what it seems.

Show opening motion graphics
Show opening animation
Show opening motion graphics
TV graphic design
Show opening Animation
Broadcast design
Big Fib, TV show design


The Big Fib is now streaming on Disney+. Gather your family and see if you can figure out who is telling the truth!