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The producers of the incredibly popular “Live PD”, Big Fish Entertainment, reached out to Pixeldust in need of a graphics package for their new show Florida Heat. The new law-enforcement show airing on A&E presents the direct correlation between crime rate and the scorching heat in Florida.


Big Fish wanted the graphics to represent both the diverse regions in Florida and the extreme heat which can often feel like over 100 degrees during the summer months. The stylistic approach they wanted included bold colors, heat maps, and police imagery. 


The title of the show has a double meaning, with “heat” meaning both temperature and a slang term for the police. Therefore the graphics of the show had to strike a balance between these two themes, and Pixeldust explored a number of concepts for the pitch. A full graphic package for this show included an open sequence, heat index overlays, lower thirds, and bumpers.

Tropical colors and rotoscope
Vibrant color glitches
Colorful dripping paint
High contrast heat distortion


This piece serves as the cornerstone for the stylistic approach of all the in-show graphics. Bright, boldly colored backgrounds highlight the lively parts of Floridian culture from gator country, to swamps and suburbs. The simple, complimentary colors are punctuated by the heavier imagery of police apprehending criminals, which are inspired by real encounters on the show. All of this is combined in a 2.5D parallax look, allowing the scenes to flip from one to the next as if it were a pop-up book. The open sequence ends with a sizzling hot title revealed over a picturesque Florida beach. Stay tuned for the full title sequence and more information on the premiere of Florida Heat!


Beyond the standard in-show television graphics like lower thirds that introduce key individuals, and bumpers that transition to commercial breaks, several more graphics were created for the editors to lay into the show. Overlays were designed to enhance the overarching theme of extreme heat during the time of these police encounters. Since many of the encounters take place at night, these adjustable overlays helped to reinforce this theme and provided a consistent style across the show.  

florida heat lower third
florida heat overlay