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Pixeldust’s game division, Pixeldust Labs, created BreakOut Force as a free-to-play-game. BreakOut Force is a 3D Puzzle-Runner game for mobile platforms that keeps players engaged by having to quickly plan their moves while navigating beautiful environments.  

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade, Roland Womack
Game Designer, Developer, Animator: Roland Womack
Illustrator, Modeler: Danielle Vuono


Breakout Force is a fast-paced runner with a twist. The objective of the game is to run over all blue squares, which in turn makes red squares and inhibits the player from backtracking. Choose from a variety of creatures, each with their unique gambit, from speed dashing to barrel rolling, the game will put your tactical and twitch reflex skills to the test. The game is designed from the ground up to bring a tactile Arcade like experience to mobile, with a swiping gesture input and synchronized bullet time system. Speedrun your way to the finish line or maximize your chain bonus, there are multitudes of playstyles which will keep the player coming back for more.



Our hero awakens to a lush world of rock platforms and lush vegetation. The player takes control from a top-down perspective via touch controls.


We encounter a cluster of blue tiles that illuminate to red when touched. When all tiles are activated, the group shatters in succession.


If a red square is touched, we start from the last checkpoint, and bonus points are taken as a penalty.


Our hero has a secret trick up its sleeve. When a double-tap is performed, we can dash through space from platform to platform.


When multiple tiles are swiped in succession, time slows down, and the Blockchain mode is activated. The more tiles added to the chain, the higher our bonus gets. When the player refrains from touching the screen, we exit out of Blockchain mode, and our hero cycles through the path we have created.


Our Dash ability can also be used in conjunction with the Blockchain mode by skipping over adjacent tiles, which can help us evade unwanted calamities with neighboring red squares.


As the game progresses, we encounter higher forms of clusters. Some of which focus primarily on reaction speed.


While others focus heavier on tactical planning.


When all remaining tiles are flipped, the game resolves on a scoreboard, where the player is evaluated and ranked based on max chains, grace, and overall efficiency.