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After a meteorite has hit ancient earth and the world is in disarray, dinosaurs and other creatures are trying to escape and make it to a safe-zone where they can survive and thrive once again. The escape won’t be easy. Using immersive AR technology, help dinosaurs and other creatures avoid deadly traps like fire, gas, and the fiercest predators of all times.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Head of Development: Samar Shool
Creature Animator: Jordan Chedalavada, Raina Patel, Jorge Mayo
Creature Rigging: Andy Hencken


Dino Survival is an augmented reality dinosaur adventure that you can play in the middle of your living room, bringing you face-to-face with fierce and terrifying predators. Be the hero and help dinosaurs escape unscathed from the claws and teeth of infamous predators like T-rex. This entertaining experience is brought to you by the use of mobile AR technology that allows unique, innovative, and incredibly addictive mannerisms and features. Explore a variety of dinosaur worlds like the Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, Permian periods, and the underwater Devonian and Ordovician times.

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It’s a survival game, run to overcome obstacles and dodge fierce predators. Take advantage of the AR feature and experience the game from different vantage points, find innovative ways and angles to plan your escape, and help your dino-friends outrun predators and survive. As you advance through the different levels, you will unlock a deadly collection of predators from the mighty and fierce T-rex, to the deadly Spinosaurus, to a smart hunting pack of Raptors. You will also unlock unexpected, deadly small forms of terror like a swarm of 2 feet tall Coelophysis that can wreak havoc! Boost prey’s energy by guiding them to water holes and food. Unlock more worlds, new gizmos, new predators, and Dino-friends as your creature’s survival rate increases. You can also purchase exclusive premium features or play to get more Dino-DNA points. 


This game’s objective is to entertain people while experiencing prehistoric worlds and their creatures innovatively, using the latest technology in your surroundings. At the same time, you will learn and discover new amazing species and their thrilling features.

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Ancient Worlds uses markerless tracking AR technology, supported on most available phones and tablets (iOS + Android). Furthermore, Pixeldust built this game on top of AI navigation technology with pathfinding features.

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Scan the space around you, so your device detects playable surfaces. Select a surface and click on the marker to activate the terrain. The game will then prompt you to choose your Dino-friend. 


You have a set amount of time to make your escape, and a timer is ticking on the top right. Using the same touch controls, guide your prey away from the predator and towards the safe zone. Remember, the predator loses energy at a much slower rate than your Dino-friend. Don’t get too comfortable though! The prey will lose more energy points if the predator is nearby.


If you are losing health, guide your Dino-friend to the water-hole for water and food. You can touch the water-hole for an energy boost. You will need to hurry before the predator catches up with you! The water-hole is also a great place to evade the predator and exhaust it by running in circles.


With Dino-DNA points, you can buy and deploy player gizmos, like the Dartbow, which you can use to shoot tranquilizer darts at the predators to distract or bring down their energy levels.


If you have saved points or ended your levels with a lot of spare time, you can buy a rescue call. This feature will summon a chopper and airlift the prey to the safe-zone. Guide your Dino-friend to the green-lit zone and pray the helicopter arrives in time!


In some levels, you may encounter an aerial threat, a pterosaur who will try to attack the user and distract him in more advanced levels. Try to evade it as this flying predator is programmed to block you from saving your Dino-friend!


Remember, you are playing against time, so try to save as many Dino-friends as you can. If your Dino dies, its icon changes color and you will be allowed to rescue next Dino. 


Track your score and bonus points to earn rewards or Dino-DNA points that you can use to buy Gizmos or use them to build new creatures. 

AR Ancient Worlds



Avoid predators using terrain features such as water, high and low ground. Airlift your prey in the designated area. Replenish your energy by drinking water from the water-hole.

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Educational game design


Pixeldust created highly optimized real-time photo-real landscapes, reactive to the wind and other dynamic effects, that optimize during play by varying Levels of Detail (LOD). 

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Environment design for mobile game app
AR environment design for mobile game app


  • As the Dino-friends rating increases, more worlds are unlocked. You can win Dino-DNA points or purchased them if you are having a tough time.
  • Win points to unlock gizmos, and then the player can get more as one accumulates Dino-DNA points.
  • The first Dino-friend is free. Unlock more complex dinosaurs and purchase premium features.
  • The player can experience a Virtual Reality dinosaur world by increasing the survival rating or by purchasing premium features.
  • The first interactive prehistoric era is free. Unlock more eras by increasing survival rating, by winning more battles against AI or by buying Dino-DNA points.


A mobile non-AR version of the game is in progress, it will enable devices with limited or no AR capabilities to take play the game.