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ReWilders is a sandbox, pet simulation game for mobile and desktop platforms that keeps players at the edge of their seats while developing empathy for nature and the wild.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade, Roland Womack
Creative Consultant: Tim Kelly
Lead Game Designer, Developer, Animator: Roland Womack
Illustrator: Natalie Gayda, Danielle Vuono
Voice Talent: Jesse Meza, Emily Vitek


Rewilders is a sandbox simulation game that promotes building, creativity, and strategy. By simulating a real movement that is sweeping around the planet, the movement to rewild vast regions of the Earth, by restoring damaged ecosystems to health and re-introducing keystone species like wolves, orangutans, koalas, and tigers.

If Minecraft, Farmville, Tamagotchi, a science textbook, and an animal encyclopedia were thrown in a blender, you’d have something that looks and plays like Rewilders. The look of the game is highly stylized low-res (think a stylish Minecraft), conducive to the rapid creation of assets.

As a Rewilder, your job is to bio-engineer a new wilderness area to support the species of your choice. You, as the player, will terraform and engineer your animal habitats. You’ll nurture your species, bio-engineer ecosystems, managing the flow of resources to improve the environment and ensure that the animals you’ve been tasked to protect and care, thrive. You will have to deal with predators, farms, and humans who come and disrupt animal life. On the other hand, you have at your disposal, game wardens, and renewable monetary resources to terraform and build. 

Your species will produce offspring who learn from their parents’ mistakes, which increases the complexity of the game. As you further succeed, more land is entrusted to you, becoming a faster and faster-paced game.

On a deeper level, you’ll provide connectivity between wilderness areas by protecting or re-introducing apex predators and keystone species. Other Rewilders game objectives may require ecological restoration or wilderness engineering. The ultimate goal of a Rewilding game mission is to create ecosystems that then require passive management by limiting human control of ecosystems. Successful long-term Rewilding projects should be considered to have little-to-no human-based ecological management, as the successful reintroduction of keystone species creates a self-regulatory and self-sustaining stable ecosystem, with near pre-human levels of biodiversity. That’s the ultimate learning lesson that comes from fun and challenging gameplay.

While the world has been transformed for humans, and many wilderness areas damaged and destroyed, a new deal for nature is in the works. And nature is coming back!



First, you’ll need to choose a character to protect and nurture throughout the game.


Simple Terraforming tools are at your disposal to craft the ideal living space.


When the land is tailored to meet the livable standards of the keystone creature,  they will proclaim a burrow.


After a burrow is procured, Peter embarks on gathering resources for the nest.


When everything seems to be going just fine, our keystone friend finds that many dangers are lurking around the corner.


Luckily Peter has you, a versed Rewilder to save and mitigate him from whatever threats may await.


Or whomever …


Who knows what other adventures may lie ahead, but hold tight, it will all be worth it in the end!


Live the platypus life you have always dreamed of and learn about keystone conservation in the process. Watch your pet thrive and grow in the world you create, for better or for worse.

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Yes, you read that correctly! When platypuses aren’t too busy building burrows and warding off foxes, they are scooping out the platypus dating scene. Experience romance, triumph, and every awkward moment you can imagine.

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