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In collaboration with Accenture, Pixeldust took on the challenge of crafting vibrant and engaging 2D animation commercials for HP’s 355 Compact Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and the 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse. In these endeavors, Pixeldust blended artistic creativity with technical finesse to showcase these cutting-edge peripherals in a fresh style.


The commercials showcase a design language that mirrors the sleek and modern aesthetics of the HP peripherals. The use of 2D animation, combined with vibrant colors, contributes to a visually striking representation that aligns perfectly with HP’s brand identity. The use of this style also allows for a playful and dynamic visual language, and helps serve as a clean background for text and the featured products. Pixeldust ensured the keyboard and mouse consistently commanded attention, acting as the catalyst for transitions or even serving as the ‘vehicle’ that propelled movements on screen.


The commercials are chock-full of dynamic text elements, which are choreographed to set the pace and mood. They guide the narrative, taking the audience on a journey through the numerous features and benefits of these products. Fun manipulations of the texts, including rotations, size variations, and even elongating letters for visual effect, are used to keep the motion graphics feeling fresh in each scene. In addition, the physical movements of the products, including keystrokes and mouse clicks become moments of expression, emphasizing the user experience.


To adhere to HP’s brand identity, Pixeldust diligently ensured the product renders were exact representations. The team meticulously studied official product images and underwent iterative refinements in collaboration with HP and Accenture, capturing the subtlest details. From sleek shapes and angles to the finest grain of material textures, the result is a beautiful, realistic, and tangible vision of these innovative peripherals.