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Brought to the Pixeldust team by Accenture, Pixeldust created a high-end 3D animation commercial for HP’s ZBook Power laptop, where the animation team blended creativity with technical precision.


Pixeldust was presented with the challenge of visualizing and animating the laptop’s many features, while presenting a model that is 100% accurate to HP’s specifications. The laptop emerges and the powerful tagline, “Pro-certified power within reach” animates on. The laptop screen lights up with a 3D modeler’s workflow being shown throughout the commercial, first showing a wireframe 3D model of a building being manipulated and edited in real-time. The laptop then spins around and reveals its internal components. The 13th gen Intel Core processor and NVIDIA RTX Ada Laptop GPU chip detach and float above the laptop, highlighted in a spotlight, showcasing the power beneath the laptop’s exterior.


Pixeldust showcases the laptop’s durability by showing the laptop withstanding a forceful impact, slamming onto the ground without a scratch. Digital gridlines create a visual representationof a protective force shield around the laptop. Pixeldust Studios leveraged close-up shots to spotlight key features, including the impressive 64GB memory and massive 8TB storage. A swift and smooth rendering of a complex, hyper-realistic image on the laptop’s screen demonstrates its unparalleled performance in handling resource-intensive tasks.


In order to define the distinctive style that would complement the ZBook Power’s powerful nature, Pixeldust explored a number of stylistic backgrounds and visual motifs. The team wanted to share two of them here. The first involved interconnected purple hexagons, which would have a luminous glow between them, conveying a sense of connectivity and technological sophistication. It was one of the early iterations of a backdrop for the commercial. Another look involved what could be called multifaceted triangular shapes. This style had triangular pillars that rose and fell in a rhythmic pattern, almost like digital waves. This immersive environment was intended to appear to be a sort of abstract digital city which would surround the hero product.


Pixeldust undertook the challenge of perfecting the 3D model of HP’s ZBook Power, adhering to specifications provided by HP with a commitment to accuracy and beauty. The model development process involved a series of iterative refinements, where Pixeldust Studios collaborated closely with HP and Accenture to capture even the most minute details, from the exterior design to the internal components, to ensure an exact representation of the laptop. The precision applied to the 3D model, combined with dynamic animations, brought the laptop to life in a way that resonates with audiences and effectively communicates the product’s advanced features.