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IGEL Technology, a leading innovator of software and hardware for cloud workspaces, approached Pixeldust to create a promo to introduce their innovative device, the UD3, powered by the AMD RYZEN. The UD3 is regarded as the next generation system device for the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The Pixeldust team jumped head first to create a high energy animated promo to introduce and market this innovative device. The content had to address a promotional need, while also serving as a product visualization. This project occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, where Pixeldust implemented a virtual remote working pipeline while continuously delivering hi-fidelity photo-real animation without compromising any deadlines.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
CG Supervisor: Samar Shool
Lead Senior Animator: Andy Hencken
Editor: Mark Andrade


For this product visualization the team needed to create dramatic shots inside and outside of the UD3. Pixeldust sought to create a highly detailed, stylized interior of the device, calling attention to the AMD RYZEN chip especially. Beyond the abstract environment in which the device is displayed, the artists dreamt up a digital world inside the IGEL operating system, highlighting its security and performance. The biggest challenge was to visualize this virtual world inside the CPU chip, where the chain of trust unfolds – here, digital locks are opening and closing as “beams” of information come into contact with them.


Pixeldust continued to march forward with its ever-evolving Real-time rendering pipeline, using state-of-the art Unreal Engine for 100% of the CGI work. Unreal Engine, more than just a game engine, has proven over the past years to be an industry standard photo-real solution for Real-time rendering for cinematics, and is widely used in television and movies. The 3D model assembly was done in Maya 2020, while the shading, lighting, and camera work was dressed up in Unreal Engine. The team took advantage of the new RTX ray tracing capabilities in Unreal Engine for real-time reflections and global illumination to visualize complex abstract environments at lightning speed.

Drag the button at the middle of the image to see how it goes from wireframe to render.

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Animated promo
animated video advertisement
Product visualization, animated promo
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