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WebMD sought out Pixeldust’s graphic design expertise by tasking the team with designing an online medical content website that depicts the Journey of a Migraine through the human body. The Pixeldust web design team and developers created an infinitely scrolling website with a contemporary pop-art style that allows viewers to easily understand the stages and causes of migraines and their often severe symptoms.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Art Director and Animator: Manuel Messerli

webmd migraines brain CAT
webmd migraines head
webmd migraines eyes and ears
webmd migraines ears hurt
webmd migraines eyes and ears 2
migraine Nose
migraines Sinus pressure
webmd migraines sinus symptoms
nausea webmd migraines
digestion webmd migraines
what it feels like webmd migraines
webmd migraines pain begins