Pixeldust logo gry 5

Kodak recruited Pixeldust to lead a dynamic branding of their revolutionary printing product, Kodak PRINERGY On Demand, the industry’s only single, smart and secure end-to-end software platform for printing organizations.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
CG Supervisor: Samar Shool
Art Director: Manuel Messerli
Senior Producer: Emily Vitek


The primary goal of this project was to create a unique 3D animated world in which to explore and develop the five major pillars of the PRINERGY On Demand platform: Automation, Integration, Production Efficiency, Security, and Analytics & AI.  These animated concepts would be used in digital media representing the product, on the web, in advertisements, social media, and more. Pixeldust was tasked with designing the five individual logos, and then creating complex animated graphics that would build the logo in an abstract 3D space. Pixeldust needed to pay careful attention to work within existing Kodak brand guidelines, while still providing a sleek, modern look that would elevate the branding to new heights.


In the same way that printing converts a user’s digital vision into a physical reality, Pixeldust’s design concept for Kodak’s PRINERGY on Demand seeks to convey the creation of something out of nothing. Complex processes that overlap in innumerable ways come together to form something familiar and relatable. The team chose to portray these complex processes with abstract colored lines, which twist and curl from their starting points, creating a chaotic bed from which the 3D logos come to life in an organic fashion. Pixeldust accomplished this with the use of procedural animation.


After developing the Pillar logos, the animation team created dynamic graphics to build them in 3D space. There were several creative challenges the team had to overcome during the production of these animations, not least of which was taming the procedural animation elements, bending and warping them into the shapes required to build the intricate logos. Using cinematic camera motions, Pixeldust manages to capture several unique angles of the abstract lines as they progressively grew over time. Special care was given to surface texture, reflections, and refractions, to make them appear tangible and real. 


Pixeldust designed this logo to represent numerous individual processes working in parallel, reinforced by large bent arms, which provide stability and structure. The automation pillar aims to express the powerful combination of productivity and mitigated risk through intelligent automation.


Since Kodak’s entrance into the world of print, it has remained a mainstay of quality and reliability. Utilizing innumerable waves of interlocking semi-circles, the Integration pillar expresses optimization and balance.


The Production Efficiency pillar is  animated in a manner that represents nature, growing organically from a bed of roots, and forming a leaf. This logo aims to communicate consistency, and the reduction of waste.


Analytics can create a reliable picture of what to expect in the future based on the reality of the past. A chaotic bed of line graphs is guided by elegant, curling ribbons to form this logo, which conveys the smart reading of data and indicates an upwards trajectory.


In a world where organizations are increasingly threatened by cyber attacks, security is becoming a more important function of any software tool. This animation reveals the building of a technologically complex cube, which represents power and stability. 


This video below shows the original concept that was created in response to a request for proposal, which ultimately awarded Pixeldust this project.