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Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs, selected Pixeldust to conceptualize and produce a 2D animated video with dynamic motion graphics to convey the organization’s key messages and explain the Everyone a Changemaker movement to a universal audience. 

Pixeldust developed a contemporary concept with a fresh color palette and universal characters that could communicate the messages in all social media platforms and presentations worldwide. The video has been re-versioned in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and French and serves as an introduction piece to connect with audiences of all ages and latitudes.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Producer: Diana Moss
Design: Manuel Messerli
Animator: Manuel Messerli, Jesse Meza
Editor: Mark Andrade


Pixeldust developed a visual concept that was able to comprehensibly explain the worldwide social and economic shift that is currently taking place. From assembly lines and machines doing efficient work, a variety of hand gestures, happy and not so happy faces, to teams of inspired and connected humans that make change possible. These concepts would become the starting point for the motion graphics that would be used for the video.

Motion Design, 2D animation
Motion Graphics development
Motion Design
2D animation
Motion Design
2D animation character design


While the original version of the video had an English voice-over, subsequent 2D animations had to be understood by themselves. Choices for the typographic concept had to be bold and readable. The typographic animations had to be engaging, visually surprising and fluid, as well as easily translated into a variety of different languages from all around the globe.

Motion graphics, 2D animation
Text Motion Graphics
2D animation
Motion graphics
Motion graphics, design, 2D animation
Motion design
2D animation
Motion design for Ashoka
2D animation done for Ashoka