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Ashoka reached out to Pixeldust’s non-profit production team to produce “LeadYoung”, a storytelling initiative that aims to demonstrate the power of a young person who has identified a problem, formed and led a team, and created a solution. “LeadYoung” stories are stories of hope, positivity, and change. These profiles are for young storytellers and movement builders looking to inspire others to be changemakers through the power of stories. A clear example of our non-profit content productions.

At the heart of this movement are Ashoka Young Changemakers: a carefully selected network of young people who have found their power to create change for the good of all, and who are engaging their peers and their communities in realizing a world where everyone is a changemaker.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Producers: Diana Moss, Rico Andrade
Art Director, Design: Manuel Messerli
Director of Photography: Hossam Aboul-Magd, Rico Andrade
Editor: Mark Andrade


For two consecutive years, Pixeldust has collaborated with Ashoka, covering their U.S. Ashoka Young Changemakers Event and their Lead Young storytelling initiative in Washington DC. 

The Ashoka Young Changemakers Event is a workshop where young changemakers meet at Ashoka’s Headquarters in Washington D.C. Within 2-3 days, Pixeldust interviewed each of the selected Changemakers and produced each of their profiles, while also covering workshops and panel presentations in order to create great non-profit content.

Pixeldust interviewed each of the panelists and Ashoka members to produce videos they can use to present their programs and goals.

These socially concerned videos are also used for marketing and fundraising purposes as well as their social media presence. Changemakers use their profile to grow their venture and promote Ashoka’s mission. To date, Pixeldust has produced over 30 LeadYoung stories, and dozens of social media content.



The collection of stories below shine a light on great changemakers who have led young and practiced early changemaking. The stories demonstrate factors such as –guidance from parents, teachers, peers and others– who have helped them begin their changemaking journey.  This series of altruistic content highlights the new framework for an everyone a changemaker world where every person is practicing empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking.


Joshua Williams, a 17 year old from Florida, talks about how he met a homeless person and how that triggered in him a basic urge to help. That first interaction drove him into creating the “Joshua’s Heart Foundation”.


Katie Eder realized in fourth grade that she had (and still has) the power to change things when she decided to petition for boys and girls to play together in gym class. From then on, she realized that “just because something is how it is, that does not mean it has to stay that way”. She decided later on that she would create the “Future Coalition”, so that youth activists are not isolated and can bring their voices together to promote positive changes at a larger scale.


Ashoka and General Motors collaborated with Pixeldust to produce GM Sponsored Profile Video to serve as a topical piece for General Motors about changemaking and STEM, two powerful forces young people are harnessing in the 21st century. A true example of interdisciplinary collaboration to produce non-profit content.


A solid social media presence is essential. Whether you’re a company, NGO or institution we all inhabit the digital world. We produced a dozen social media videos that portray the unfiltered and authentic responses of young changemakers looking to inspire others to become changemakers. In the social media age, in order for a NGO to reach many people to promote change, its content creation game must be on point.