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Pixeldust, Nezera Films, and UC Berkeley’s Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) teamed up to create the fascinating online course, “Psychedelics and the Mind.” Pixeldust created a comprehensive graphics package for the online course, which is hosted and taught by Professor David Presti. The course delves into the often unexplored subject of psychedelics and their effects on the mind.


Pixeldust introduced a unique illustration style reminiscent of a “field journal,” featuring hand-drawn scribbles and drawings that lend an organic and authentic touch to the visuals. Text labels were crafted to mimic the appearance of being printed on slips of paper, creating a tactile and immersive feel. Most animations were strategically placed on a natural-looking piece of paper, reinforcing the course’s exploratory theme.


To explain the intricate processes within a brain affected by psychedelic drugs, Pixeldust produced full-screen graphic explainers. These visuals go beyond conventional approaches, employing a blend of artistry and scientific accuracy to elucidate complex concepts. The animations provide a visual narrative that enhances the learning experience and makes challenging topics accessible to a broader audience.


In the pursuit of defining a visual language that complements the profound subject matter, Pixeldust explored various illustration styles. The chosen “field journal” aesthetic was carefully curated to evoke a sense of authenticity. This creative choice enhances engagement and captivates the audience, making the learning experience not only educational but also visually compelling.


The Pixeldust team created course intros that serve as a gateway to each course section, immersing learners in a visual journey that encapsulates the essence of the subject matter. The animations are thoughtfully made to ensure that learners are not only informed but also visually engaged throughout their exploration of psychedelics. In addition, Pixeldust’s creative team crafted lower thirds that match the style perfectly and are as unobtrusive as possible. This was delivered as a text template package for the course editor, which ensured consistency, as well as ease of use throughout the project.