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Texas Crew Productions reached out to Pixeldust in search of a graphics package for their relaunch of the tv series Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Airing on the Travel Channel, this show continues Robert Ripley’s legacy and reveals even more of the world’s wonders and astonishing real-life stories.


The client wanted a modern take on the Ripley’s logo for a 3D title reveal that matched the weird and unusual theme of the series. Pixeldust created concepts that included eye catching kaladiascope effects, juxtaposed collages, double exposure, and archival footage. Ultimately the client selected the archival footage concept, as it demonstrated a historical narrative of Ripley’s story throughout the past 100 years.


Pixeldust’s first challenge was to combine the flat look of the title sequence with the dynamic 3D space of the title. Through color grading, the animators emphasized a unique green-red look while maintaining the well known look of the Ripley’s brand. Using After Effects and Element 3D, the team showed the journey through time by gradually adding color through the sequence.


Archival footage concept for the Ripley's open title sequence
Archival Footage
kaleidoscope concept for the Ripley's open title sequence
Collage concept for the Ripley's open title sequence
Double exposure concept for the Ripley's open title sequence
Double Exposure



In addition to the title reveal, Ripley’s needed 3D graphics to explain the fascinating science behind some of the greatest “believe it or nots”. While each graphic matched the style of the title with grain and parchment elements, they utilized different animation techniques to enhance the many peculiar stories. Ranging from the physics behind a man’s ability to slice a vegetable with a playing card to the dangers of sword swallowing, these memorable graphics left audiences with a better understanding of the remarkable feats and a yearn for more.