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Pixeldust breaks down complex concepts, and presents them to audiences in a friendly, conversational, and easily accessible manner. These skills are put to use through the creation of a long series of high quality 2D medical explainers for WebMD.



WebMD came to Pixeldust looking for a design refresh for their 2D medical explainers. The producers at the medical site were looking for a new, clean and simple look with a contemporary modern feel. Something they were particularly interested in was finding a way to portray human bodies in a neutral manner, meaning the human figure would work both for female and male bodies without leaning towards one particular sex. 


The final concept prioritized cleanliness and was based on the medical journal sketch diagram style, with precise illustration but with the shading pulled back a bit for simplicity. The clean lines of the body give plenty of room to the colored spots that represent the affected areas and the lines of text that come on screen. The result is a simple and contemporary look that is easy to follow making for a beautiful and easy to follow 2D medical explainer


The client brief allowed Pixeldust to explore a great variety of 2D animation styles to potentially use. The team sought to prioritize simplicity so to not distract from the important information being shown. 

In order to better gauge the type of style that would best work for WebMD, the creative director and designers came up with three distinct styles. The styles ranged from water color painting,  medical sketches, floral decorative, and even newspaper cutouts.