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Pixeldust exercises the ability to break down complex concepts, and presents them to audiences in a friendly, conversational, and easily accessible manner. These skills are put to use through the creation of a long series of high quality 3D medical explainers.

Creative Director: Ricardo Andrade
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Andrade
Art Direction: Manuel Messerli
CG Supervisor: Samar Shool
Lead Animator: Andy Hencken
Animator: Roland Womack, Jordan Chedalavada 


WebMD approached Pixeldust looking for innovative and engaging ways to explain medical conditions, treatments, surgical procedures, and other concepts through a variety of video styles not common from the multitude of medical content currently available on the web.


Pixeldust’s creative process allowed the studio to research and evaluate the client’s needs, and deliver a fully customized approach to their wide variety of requests. Among the various services offered to this client have been: script writing, 2D animation, 3D animation, live action footage, creative use of stock footage, graphical overlays, and interactive website design. These various approaches allow Pixeldust to provide a deep dive into the complex and ever-changing landscape of modern medicine.


To satisfy quick turnaround delivery needs for the 3D animated content for WebMD, Pixeldust developed a different 3D animation pipeline. We are now embracing a new approach for a fresh new look. We are working with state of the art, lightning-fast rendering pipeline for real-time rendering. The immense benefit of our new pipeline is the 100% elimination of the traditional render farm and by that the removal of long wait times for rendered frames and compositing.

Using this new rendering technique, we can produce multiple medical animations in 4K resolution, with a high degree of photoreal complexity in record times. All shots are accomplished from start to finish under one hood, including real-time shading, lighting, and compositing.

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Pixeldust continuously innovates and evolves the look and storytelling technique of our client’s videos, maintaining the freshness and relevance of the style, always taking a visionary and innovative creative thinking approach.

Over the years, Pixeldust has written and produced hundreds of short-form live-action and animated videos for WebMD.

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3D animation of blood cells
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